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Dear SAE Affiliate,

For all of your past efforts as well as your continued support of our chapter we would like to extend an opportunity to immortalize your name at the SAE house.

We are offering the chance to have your name, a symbol, and/or a message of your choosing engraved on one of our new beautiful courtyard bricks.


The bricks will be priced as follows:


$100 Donation = 1 Small Sized Brick Engraving (4.5X6 - 5 lines with 13 characters each line (includes spaces))


$125 Donation = 1 Medium Sized Brick Engraving (6X6  - 7 lines with 13 characters each line)


$150 Donation = 1 Large Sized Brick Engraving (6X9 - 7 lines with 19 characters each line)


Anything from initials, to a family name can be engraved upon the bricks. Understand that this is a public area so please keep your engravings as tasteful as possible.


Please note that donations are not limited to these varying intervals. Feel free to support our chapter however you see fit. We appreciate everything you have done and we look forward to your future contributions.


Please mail your DONATION ENCLOSED back to 1520 Liguria Ave Coral Gables, Florida 33146.


All checks payable to: SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON



Luke Sutterer





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