Building For the Future

Brick  Fundraiser

As Reformed Episcopal Seminary looks to the future, we know that we need to build on our strong heritage and foundation with our partners, alumni, churches, and friends. 

Many improvements are being made around our campus to better serve our students, faculty, guests, and the wider Church in years to come.  Projects include a patio, pathways, new signage, and renovations in our new building for additional housing, classroom space, a technology lab and offices. 

You may purchase one or more bricks to help with our Building for the Future.  The donated bricks will be used to build the patio next to the main building and for the pathways connecting our campus parking lots.  Small bricks can be engraved with up to three lines each containing 18 characters.  Larger bricks can have up to 6 lines.  They can be to honor or remember a loved one, professor or alum, or they can be engraved with your name and your class year.  Churches and other institutions are encouraged to donate pavers with the their names engraved to show their support for the Seminary.  You will be able to order the pavers with this form and pay by credit card using PayPal or by check.  You can order as many as you like.  Once you have ordered a brick you can also order a Donor Certificate and/or a Donor/Souvenir Brick for home or office display.

Remember the proceeds of this fundraiser will go to all the Building for the Future projects that will enable the Seminary to better serve our students and the Anglican Church in North America for years to come.



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