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Paving The Way To Our Neighborhood’s Future: 

The Jackson Township Recreation Park Brick Paving Project 

 Over the past several years, there have been some remarkable improvements to the Jackson Township Recreation Park.  The Park has never been in better condition and, on any given day, dozens of our residents can been seen enjoying themselves – whether they are playing soccer, lacrosse, baseball, or even having good old fashioned unstructured fun on our playground!  The pavilion provides a place for families to gather to kick back and relax, or even have a picnic. 

We are excited to provide another way for our residents to enjoy our Recreation Park: create a legacy for you and your family to enjoy for years to come by purchasing a brick to be installed near the pavilion and along the path.  

The Brick Paving Project

 We are making available for purchase to our residents, friends and business owners engraved bricks in 2 sizes. The polished bricks come available as: 4X8 inches and 8X8. A message with your name is sandblasted, engraved and painted in black paint.  The message on your brick message is available as follows: 

         Three (3) lines on a 4 x 8 brick with up to 18 characters per line

         Six (6) lines on an 8 x 8 brick with up to 18 characters per line

         Custom Logo on an 8 x 8 brick with room for 3 lines and up to 18 characters per line

Every brick and its wording has a lifetime guarantee to ensure its preservation to the next generation and beyond. Don’t miss this opportunity to create a permanent legacy in our Recreation Park. 

You can also purchase a Donor Brick as a keepsake for your home or business.  It will serve as a reminder to all who see it that you have invested in the future of our neighborhood – something to truly be proud of! 

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