Imagine……….You’re visiting Washington, DC strolling amongst the museums and monuments.  You stop in front of the only monument dedicated to all Americans – The Hope Monument.  Millions share your steps.

You pause.  You look down, and there in front of you is an authentic paver with the dedication you wrote to one of the most important persons – or animals –  or occurrences - you were lucky enough to experience.

You gave a gift of a lifetime.  Never to be repeated. 

You are one of the few lucky ones who got to donate something this special and unique.  Congratulations! 

To have this experience, it takes three easy steps.

1.     Choose the size of your paver.

2.     Create your inscription right before your eyes

3.     Donate it

WTPA will send a personalized certificate of authenticity and a souvenir paver bearing your words as our thank-you to you. 

Make history today.   Donate!


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