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Lake Winnebago Residents,

The Lions Club of Lake Winnebago is so pleased that the shelter house that was built at the HOA Park on Winnebago Drive was such a success.  We thank all those that helped in the donations and construction of that project.  We hope that you have enjoyed the facility and have taken the time to read some of the various bricks in the paved porch.  Such a great tribute to our loved ones!  Please consider purchasing a brick or additional ones.  The bricks will be used to replace the blank ones and continue the pattern in this area.  The contribution for each brick will be a minimum of $100.00.  The bricks may be engraved with the name of your choice from community members.  Engraved on your custom brick could be your family name, business name, your organization name, or you could choose to engrave a brick in honor of someone special, or in a loved one’s memory.  Bricks are available in three sizes, and we will try to accommodate your engraving wishes as long as they fit into the boundaries of 21 characters per line. The Lions Club is an established 501 (C)(3) foundation that will handle the money for future projects and qualify your contribution as a tax deductible donation. 

The money contributed will be used for the continued community projects that are supported by the Foundation.  Recently we started a student scholarship fund to help support a local high school student that composed a winning assay on “How they will use their winnings to further their careers or development a new one.”  Please consider helping this Foundation to not only exist but to flourish for the good and harmony in our community. 


Lake Winnebago Lions Club


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