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Become part of Jacksonville history with a personalized paver at The Jacksonville Landing. Whether it was where you met your significant other, became a holiday ritual, or you attend the big game every year, engrave your memory now for only $200. A portion of all proceeds will go to the charity, school, or organization of your choice.



A desire to help and raise money for charities has always been in our hearts. One day walking through The Jacksonville Landing we noticed the 20 yr old bricks we were walking on and thought: what if we could get these pavers engraved by the people and donate to the organization of their choice. We could contribute a win-win for everyone involved. New brick pavers for The Jacksonville Landing, the people taking pride and becoming part of history in the most popular place in the city of Jacksonville, all while fulfilling the burning desire of our hearts to help various charities, schools, and organizations.


  With this idea, we will partner with as many charities, schools, churches, or any other organization to help raise funds. Please email us with any questions. We are glad you took the opportunity to come to our site and look forward to working with you whether it’s to help you raise extra money or custom engrave your brick paver.

Please be sure to put the school, church, or charity of your choice under the comments of the brick inscription page. Thank you.




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