In Memory Of Daniel...

October 29, 1987 – August 31, 2014

Daniel was one of the best guys you would have the pleasure of knowing.  Ever since he was a small child, Daniel was a simple person. He wanted acceptance, love and a friend to fish or hunt with.  He loved the outdoors, no matter what the temperature and he was always in search of someone to fish or hunt with him.  He loved to spend hours fishing at the local ponds and river edges for catfish and even taught several people how to fish.  Even though he is gone, his legacy and love for the outdoors will live on in those he touched and taught.  


At the time of Dan’s death, he was working two jobs to get enough money to go back to Kentucky where his maternal family lives and start new in his own cottage on the property his family had purchased on Cumberland Lake.  While he never made it to the lake in person, he saw pictures of both the lake and the cottage and seemed excited about the idea of having an opportunity to start fresh and get somewhere with his life.  He had turned a corner in his life and was working on becoming a responsible adult. 

Daniel's view of the lake.

Daniel is laid to rest in a garden at the top of the mountain overlooking the lake and just below the deck of the cottage he would have called home.   

His garden is shady in the summer months and sunny in the Fall and Winter when the leaves are gone and so finding the right blend of plants will be a challenge. 

Thank you for being his friend or accepting him for who he was. 

We would like to provide an opportunity to say goodbye or leave some final words with him by providing memorial bricks in two sizes that you can engrave with whatever is in your heart.  These bricks will be placed in his garden along with his headstone to remind us all that he was so loved and accepted by all that met him. 

Thank you for being his friend or accepting him for who he was.     



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