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The Arizona Hemophilia Association is, turning another page to begin a new chapter in our history. Later this year, the Association moves into a new office located in Downtown Phoenix. Along with all new things comes an opportunity to be a part of lasting memories. The AHA is excited to announce that we’ll be providing you with a unique opportunity that will allow you and your loved ones to be a part of the new Hemophilia Association forever. This opportunity will be the purchase of a personalized engraved brick. Your personalized engraved brick(s) will either line “Memory Lane Walk Way” leading up to the front steps of the Association’s new office or maybe line our “Reflection Pond” to be located in the office’s backyard. Not only is the brick(s) a great way for you to show your support of the Arizona Hemophilia Association but, they also allow you the opportunity to dedicate your brick in the memory of a loved one.

If you would like to help “pave the way” for the Association while leaving a lasting memory, please consider purchasing a personalized brick. The process is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Engraved Bricks:  Gifts of $100 are recognized with a 4” x 8” engraved brick 

Engraved Tiles: Gifts of $200 are recognized with a 8” x8” engraved tile

Replica Brick: Additional gifts of $50 will be recognized with a replica brick similar of the one being placed at the new Arizona Hemophilia Association's office. These bricks include a felt backing and will come with a stand.


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