Masjid Hamzah has embraced its identity in Atlanta by bringing many nationalities of Muslims together.  True to Islam, Masjid Hamzah’s values of openness, tolerance, and inclusion are the roots that have sprouted a unique entity.  Its members have developed a sense of Muslim Brotherhood they way Prophet Muhammad, saw, guided all of us to follow.  Since our goal from the start was to be a community based Masjid, we have seen hundreds of brothers and sisters and their kids from across Atlanta come to participate in one of the many educational, recreational, or Islamic activities that are part of Masjid Hamzah.  Be it the beautiful Taraweeh recitations during Ramadan, Friday Jumma Prayers & Khutbahs, the youth soccer and adults crickets leagues on our site, or the intense Sunday School and K-4 Academy school curriculum established, we strive to keep our community constantly learning and improving.  We never deny families any of the important functions of the Masjid, the school, or the sport activities for financial reasons. 


With our community in mind, phase one of the project includes a fantastic prayer hall for men and women, washing facilities, and an elegant foyer area.  To this end we need your help.  Your generous tax deductible donations will allow this Masjid to become a reality.  Please support our Buy a Brick program for you and your family, and be a part of this great Sadaqa Jariah.  Each brick to be on our Wall of Generosity.  You may choose individual names three lines per brick (maximum 15 characters per line) or a family name on one brick, or memorial bricks in the names of loved ones that have passed away.  Please donate below.  Jazakum Allah Khairan.


“Whoever builds a mosque intending Allah’s pleasure.  Allah would build for him a similar place in Paradise”  SAW.  Bukhari


“Oh son of Adam, spend in charity, I shall spend on you.”   Sahih Muslim



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