In the 1950's, the Board of Directors of the Fletcher Cemetery set aside an area and named it Memorial Park.  With donations from the community, a monument was erected to honor Veterans.


Veteran's names have been engraved along the base of the monument throughout the years, but now we are out of room. Also, the foundation of the monument is cracking and crumbling.


The Cemetey Board would once again like to ask the community for assistance in raising funds for the monument.


The procedes will be used for the reconstruction and maintenance of the monument.  The plans call for moving the existing monument forward onto a stronger base with more room for Veteran's names to be engraved.

The fund raising will consist of selling engraved bricks which will be incorporated in the new design of the monument.  The engraved bricks will be a permanent display to commemorate a special event in someone's life, remember or honor a friend or family member, or a show of appreciation for supporting the project.  Individuals, families, organizations and businesses are all welcome.


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