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In 1981, Mrs. Claudia Humphries, along with a group of parents interested in a Carden curriculum based education for their children, assembled to discuss, imagine and plan on the possibility of starting their own school. Carden Arbor View School opened its doors in September 1981 with a total of forty-five students and a faculty of five. The Carden Arbor View School name reflects the cornerstone of the school: The Carden Curriculum as established by Mae Carden in the 1930’s.  The original school location had a large strong tree on the property which symbolized educational and spiritual growth.  Although, the school did not ultimately establish itself on that site, the arbor symbol seemed both appropriate and important to be included in the school name.


Now, after many years of providing academic excellence to hundreds of students, overcoming challenges associated with a new and growing school , and achieving many successes with an extraordinary group of dedicated faculty, teachers, parents and board of trustees  we celebrate Carden Arbor View School’s 30th anniversary.  

Much like a tree, Carden Arbor View School’s roots run deep and branches stretch wide.  It is much stronger and much larger than ever imagined and continues to grow due to the love and support it receives from its families and staff.  As we continue on this educational journey, we at Carden Arbor View School must never forget where we’ve been, never overlook why we are here now, and always focus on where we are going.  Our children, the beneficiaries of this wonderful school, are provided an education filled with joy, growth, enthusiasm, dignity and respect. 

 Be A Part of Tomorrow. . .

Your student and family can now be a part of leaving a lasting legacy to Carden Arbor View School during this 30th Anniversary celebration, by participating in the Legacy Anniversary Endowment Fund and leave a personalized brick or bench to:

  • Acknowledge your special student

  • Express gratitude to  a faculty or staff member

  • Share a favorite quote

  • Express gratitude to a classmate

  • Convey appreciation to parents

  • Recognize a graduation

Whatever your reason, leave a permanent testament of your ongoing support for Carden Arbor View School . Join Carden Arbor View School as we celebrate our 30th Anniversary with a Legacy brick  or bench for your family or loved one.

 Legacy Brick Dedication


An engraved brick lasts a lifetime.  The engravings are sandblasted into the brick not scanned on.  The number of characters  depend on the size of the brick.  A character means any letter, number, space or punctuation mark :

4 x 8 , 21 characters per line, 18 recommended.  Dedication Fee : $100

8 x 8, 21 characters per line, 18 recommended.  Dedication Fee: $250

The brick pavers will be placed on the south side of the arbor in conjunction with our 30th anniversary of the school.  Proceeds from the campaign will be placed in the Legacy Anniversary Endowment Fund.  Your donation is tax deductible.  Your brick can be engraved with your student’s name, year of graduation, years at CAVS or a special thoughtful quote.  

Legacy Bench Dedication 

An engraved bench is a great way to leave a lasting legacy, memorialize someone special, class dedication or leave a family treasure.

 Measurements:  Height 17 x 15 x 41

Dedication Fee:   $500.00

View a sample brick in the front office or outside under the front entrance arbor.  To order fill out an order form  available in the office or you can log on to cardenarborview.org to place an order directly.

Carden Arbor View School

“Where Joy, Growth, Enthusiasm, Dignity, Respect are Part of the Daily Curriculum”

Celebrating 30 Years of Educational Excellence!

1530 North San Antonio Avenue

Upland, CA  91786-2272

Phone:  909-982-9919

Fax:  909-981-3221




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