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Berlin Little League

You have made a great decision to be involved in the Legacy that is Berlin Little League by becoming a permanent fixture within our baseball fields and facility. Through commemorative bricks, you can show your team spirit, congratulate your player, memorialize a family member, or leave your family name for decades to come. All of the fields continue to evolve and we are continuing our brick fundraising effort to raise funds for further field improvements.

The bricks will initially become part of the new walkway at the concession stand and eventually extend throughout the complex.  There will always be room to install new bricks!  This is an ongoing fundraiser, which can continue for years to come.


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$100 - $249 - 4”x 8”, 3 lines, 18 characters per line

$250 – $499 - 8”x 8”, 6 lines, 18 characters per line

$500 - $1000 – 12”x 12”, 10 line, 23 characters per line

Any questions can be directed to Ned Delaney –

Thanks for supporting Berlin Little League!



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