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St. Joseph’s Academy

Building Memories Brick by Brick

Please support St. Joseph’s Academy in raising money for our schools science lab, new furniture and much more.


We invite you, family, friends, neighbors, and area businesses to purchase a commemorative brick to honor a child, recognize your family, remember a loved one, special day, advertise your business, or show your support of a teacher.


While the building blocks of education leave a lasting impression on our children, we can leave a personalized lasting impression on St Joseph’s Academy.


Now is your opportunity to support St. Joseph’s Academy with a donation that will last a lifetime.  To buy your personalized brick please complete and return this form with payment to St. Joseph’s Academy.


Our bricks will be replacing the existing bricks located in the courtyard.


The deadline for ordering will be October 1, 2009.  Orders will be placed after payment has been received.


You have the choice of the following 2 sizes of bricks and 1 type of garden bench:


  4x8 $100 3 lines 18 characters  
  8x8 $200 6 lines 18 characters  
  Bench $1,000 5 lines 35 characters  



A Donor Brick and Certificate is a great way to remember this event by displaying it in your home or office.  This is an exact duplicate of the brick you order with a felt backing.  This also  includes a display stand.


  4x8 - Donor Brick $25 3 lines 18 characters  
  8x8 - Donor Brick $35 6 lines 18 characters  
  Donor Certificate $5      


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