Online Fundraising Ideas for the Year Ahead

January 1, 2021

With 2020 having been a year which strongly emphasized virtual events as opposed to in-person gatherings, it should be that much easier for you to arrange an online event as a fundraiser in 2021.  The pandemic which gripped most of the world last year is still very much in effect, and that means virtual fundraisers will be much more successful than any attempts at in-person events.  That being the case, here are a few ideas which you might want to explore further as fundraising events for your own non-profit organization.

Virtual gaming event 

Both XBOX and PS5 released new versions in December, so now is the perfect time for your organization to host an online gaming event to raise funds.  You can sponsor a stream-a-thon which promotes video game playing, singing, or even baking something sweet to have supporters show off their talents, while raising money for your good cause.

Stage a Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament 

The beauty of doing something like this is that everyone already knows how to play the game, so it might be even better than a video game tournament.  You can have teams enter the competition, and create brackets which narrow down the final successful teams.  One suggestion is to have teams play a best three-out-of-five competition, with winners advancing to the next round each time.  Give this a fundraising spin, and you might just reap in some serious contributions.

Have a Bricks-R-Us fundraiser 

Have your contributors sign on to Bricks-R-Us, make their contribution, and fill out a form which states exactly how they would like their name to appear on a memorial brick which will be used in the construction of a sidewalk or small public building in your town.  Everyone likes seeing their name in connection with a good cause, and this will provide them with a perfect opportunity to support a good cause, and be recognized for their donation.

Complete a team fitness challenge 

If your town has a suitable lake, you can stage a fundraiser where teams collectively swim the length of the lake.  If not, your fitness teams can run a 10K event with each member completing 2K for the team.  Biking or hiking a local trail are other ideas you can use, and the teams can encourage sponsors to support them in their efforts to complete the fitness challenge.  Not only does this promote your fundraising cause, but it can be a very healthy activity for everyone involved.


Morning tea event 

Set up an online morning tea event with friends and neighbors in town, wherein each person logs in to participate in a tea and conversation event, with the entry fee being some kind of donation to your fundraising cause.  Spice up the event by having a ‘funny socks’ competition or a ‘silly sweater’ contest, with winners being awarded some kind of hand-made trophy.  At the end of the event, you may even have made some new friends, but you should definitely have raised some worthwhile cash for your charitable event.

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