Nonprofit Fundraising: Are You Ready?

July 8, 2015

Are you involved with a new nonprofit or one that has not relied on fundraising in the past?  How do you know if your nonprofit is ready to start fundraising?  When is the right time to start fundraising for your cause?  It is the moment you have a mission for a cause that requires monetary contributions in order to achieve your goals.  Monies for a cause can cover everything from operating expenses to research and scholarships as well as most things to help achieve your nonprofit’s goals.

Here at Bricks R Us, we want to help make your fundraising successful.  We want to help you every step of the way.  Many organizations choose to do fundraising with us because there are no out of pocket expenses to get started, our excellent customer support and high-quality products.  We can make a donor website to make it simple for your organization to raise funds.  See how easy it is to get started by watching our video.

Some Things You Will Need in Place to Start Fundraising

Nonprofit Status

What’s your nonprofit’s status?  One of the most common status types for a nonprofit tax-exempt organization is a 501(c)(3) along with a tax deductible status.  Having a tax deductible status enables donations to be tax deductible for donors.  This will make a great point to bring up when you are asking for donations.

Nonprofit Fundraising: Are You Read?

Create a Fundraising Plan

You will need to develop a good fundraising plan for your organization to follow.   Make sure you know your audience, demographics and goal, as well as a budget you will be working with.  It’s always best to have a dedicated individual who will be devoted to only fundraising.  This person would keep track of and coordinate all fundraising efforts for your organization.

Develop Your Brand

Developing your brand is very important.  Make sure everyone knows your mission and vision statement as this will be great information to talk to donors about.  Board members need to be committed and enthusiastic about the cause so they can help raise funds as well.  Make sure to keep the media informed about upcoming events for your organization.  It is always a great idea to keep good relationships with leaders in your community to ensure they support your cause.

Is your nonprofit ready for fundraising?  Let us help you every step of the way and provide you with the tools to assist you in having a successful campaign.  Contact us today!

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