New Year, New Fundraising Ideas

January 1, 2020

Anyone who has ever been involved in fundraising is probably aware of how challenging it can be to raise money, especially when you’re obliged to continually use the same methods and the same pitch to potential donors.  With the start of a new year, it might be worth considering some brand-new ideas for fundraising, that might really appeal to potential donors, and make your job a little easier.  Here are some unique fundraising possibilities that you might want to consider for your nonprofit organization in this brand-new year.

Crowdfunding campaign

A crowdfunding campaign consists of collecting small donations from a huge audience, thereby reaching the campaign objective through sheer force of numbers.  To get the ball rolling on a crowdfunding campaign, you’ll need to set up a fundraising page online, where you can explain your mission, and through which donors can make their contributions.  This kind of campaign costs very little to pull off, and you can promote it exhaustively on social media, encouraging a great many people to share in the campaign.

Text to give campaign

This type of campaign has a real chance to be extraordinarily successful, because it allows your supporters to donate right from their smartphones.  Since people can text in their donations to your cause, it will make giving easier than any other method, and that fact alone should increase the number of donations you get.  To set this up, you’ll need some text-giving software and a special fundraising phone number so you can send an automated link to donors that will direct them to your mobile donation page.  Even better, you might want to arrange for this campaign to coincide with an event that you sponsor, so donors can contribute right while they’re at the event.

Video game tournament

This type of fundraiser capitalizes on our national fascination for video games, and allows you to raise funds during an actual tournament.  All you have to do is gather up some classic video games, e.g.  Sonic, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, etc.  and ask for competitors to contribute a fee in order to enter the competition.  The winner could get a prize which you provide, for example a new game console or gift certificate, and in the meantime you will have raised some serious money from the entry fees.

Penny wars

This approach involves competition between teams to see which team can raise the most amount of money, and win a prize which you select.  To get this going, you will have to come up with a number of jars and label them with the names of competing teams or groups.  Teams earn one point for every penny which is collected in their jar, and if someone contributes a dollar, the team earns 100 points.  The element of competition provides incentive for each of the groups to collect as many pennies and dollars as possible, and in the meantime, you get closer to your campaign objective.

Memorial bricks

Everyone likes to see their name featured prominently in an engraved brick which is part of a public structure, perhaps a sidewalk, a small building, or a dedicated wall.  Ask your donors to contribute a certain amount of money in order to get their own memorial brick, which will be seen by the entire community.  To arrange for this, contact a reputable company such as Bricks R Us, and they will even help you administer your fundraiser, while providing top quality memorial bricks.

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