Make the Most of Your Fundraiser

July 30, 2014

Many organization leaders think that holding a fundraiser is the answer to all their problems.  This is certainly an excellent start, but it’s not a magic bullet. Here is some helpful advice you should consider to make the most of your fundraiser!


  • Restricted Gifts – Today more than ever, donors want to know what they are supporting.  Prospective donors aren’t interested in supporting general operating funds or unrestricted giving.  To improve your donor numbers, make sure you explain to donors what their donation will support and the impact of their gift.  For example, brick fundraisers often support a building project.
  • Age and Gender – Fundraising professionals have long known that senior citizens are the key to success in fundraising campaigns, especially women.  New data shows that women donate 2.5 times more than men of the same financial means.
  • Big Picture – We all like to be part of something big and important, so show your supporters how participation in your fundraiser is significant.  Even if your organization is small, it doesn’t mean your mission isn’t important or that your fundraising success won’t have a big impact on your community.  Show your supporters the importance of their gift and how it fits into the big picture in your community!
  • Group Effort – Successful fundraising campaigns, like brick fundraisers, are not the work of just a few people.  Although the fundraising committee or staff often takes the lead during a fundraiser, the entire organization needs to have a hand in the outcome of the task.  Board members, senior leadership, volunteers and staff members from other departments all have a role to play during a fundraising campaign.  For instance, during brick campaigns, all staff members should be comfortable talking about supporting the organization through the purchase of a brick and why it’s important.
  • Communication – Before, during and after a fundraiser, it’s important to keep your message to your supporters consistent.  From the beginning, prepare your supporters by explaining the purpose of the fundraiser, why the money is needed and how it will be used.  When the fundraiser is underway, keep your supporters informed of your progress and successes.  When the fundraising campaign is over, provide your partners and supporters with a report on the details of the campaign, including expenses.

Have you been researching different types of fundraising campaigns for your organization?  Brick fundraisers are an excellent choice for organizations of all sizes and fundraising goals.  Please contact us today for more information about using bricks to raise money for your mission.

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