Creating a Legacy With A School Brick Fundraiser

May 8, 2015

Would you like to leave a legacy for your school?  Graduating seniors and alumni, it’s never too late to have a school brick fundraiser.  Are you looking for a unique way to pay tribute to your school and offer support?  Why not create a lasting memorial for your school?  You can raise funds for much needed programs and equipment while creating a beautiful engraved brick memorial for your school.

In creating a brick memorial gift for your school, future graduating classes will be able to continue the tradition for years to come.  Bricks R Us is dedicated to helping you create a lasting tribute to be enjoyed by all who view it for years to come and we can help you every step of the way.

Brick Project Ideas

·         Wall Memorial

·         Walkway

·         Garden Planter for Seating

·         Stairs

·         Columns

Creating a Legacy With A School Brick Fundraiser

School Pride

Imagine what a memorial wall or walkway would bring to your school.  It would add beauty to the campus and bring pride to students who attend the school.  Students can look forward to supporting their school by sponsoring their own engraved brick.  Past alumni can take pride in the fact they attended the school and can also sponsor an engraved brick for the memorial.

Memorial walkways and walls can even have center bricks with their school logo or mascot on it.  Sponsored bricks can then be placed around the designed center bricks.  It’s the perfect way to showcase your school pride, while giving back to the school.

Sponsorship Options

Donors can choose to sponsor a brick individually or they can pitch in with multiple individuals and choose a special message to engrave on the brick.  School clubs or outside business organizations can sponsor a brick and create a special message to students.  Since brick fundraisers allow donors to put their name or a special custom message on a brick, sponsors can decide if they would like to contribute individually or with a group.

Why do so many schools use Bricks R Us?  It’s our free services, customer support, high quality products, and the tools that we provide to assist you in having a successful campaign.

Bricks R Us can help you every step of the way. Contact us today!

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