Increase the positive impact of fundraising

June 13, 2013

Even though 87% of fundraisers are run by schools and school groups to provide supplies, pay for new equipment or send students on field trips, most busy principals would rather delegate fundraising duties to teachers or parent groups.  But a principal’s involvement is critical to the success of your fundraiser.  Increase the positive impact of fundraising.  Overall, non-profits earn $1.4 billion each year selling popular consumer items for fundraising, according to the Association of Fund-Raising Distributors & Suppliers.

Guidance and Teamwork
Often a principal can bring to the table the school’s financial outlook and can offer historical perspective on what fundraisers do or don’t work.  Dedication and teamwork in your fundraisers will make your school a better place for children to learn and have fun.

Dedication and Commitment
Getting involved means that principals gain commitment from the top down, earning support and dedication from office staff and teachers to students and volunteers.

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