Ideas for Fundraising at School

May 5, 2017


In the Fall semester, thousands of new faces will begin their four years at your university.  By May, thousand of faces will be finishing their fourth year and will be embarking onto post graduate plans.  These students are products of the university and will be providing a name for the university when they are out in the world.  There should be a way for these students to leave a permanent mark on the university in way that will be beneficial to the student and the university.  At Bricks R Us, you will be able to raise money by also letting students leave a priceless mark on the university permanently. 

  1. Is this worth my buck?
    1. At Bricks R Us, we have volume pricing available for orders of at least 1,000 bricks.  The standard rate for the brick would depend on which type of brick the consumer would be interested in.  We have concrete bricks, standard bricks, or even benches for the ones who want to leave a different mark on the university.  The student will also receive a certificate with their brick for authenticity.   
  2. Why can’t I just do another campaign? 
    1. The brick campaign allows for students to leave a permanent signature at your university.  Unlike an event fundraiser, we are able to give proof to the student that this brick will be permanent and not have them forget about it five years down the road.  In the South Florida area, we have partnered with the University of Miami and Florida International University (FIU) to help them raise funds through a brick campaign.
  3. University Highlight – University of Miami
    1. To showcase the brick campaign, The University offers a brick campaign for the  Newman Alumni Center, Schwartz Center (part of the Hecht Athletic Center), the Love Bridge (love birds that met at the campus buy bricks for the bridge), the Hillel Center, the Rathskeller Restaurant and The University of Miami Law School.  The Law School offers a brick campaign to raise money for scholarships to provide law students an opportunity to advance their studies.  The personalized brick would cost the graduate $500 to have a custom engraved brick.  However, the feeling of having a permanent marker on the school will be priceless for the student for time to come.  All funds will go to the Young Alumni Committee Scholarship Fund.  To find the perfect price, please call to inquire about how we can meet the needs of your university. 

With the school year coming to an end, and the next one approaching, Bricks R Us would love to help your university let a student leave a permanent signature.  Give us a call today to kickstart your campaign! 

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