How to Personalize your Donor Engagement

December 4, 2019

In the 21st century, the most important key to success with achieving your donation goals, is to personalize the donor experience, so the donor actually becomes engaged in the whole process, and feels good about not only the current donation, but future donations as well.  One of the very best ways to hyper-personalize donor engagement is by using modern technology, so that you can send exactly the right content to potential donors, and so you can send out your requests in a very large volume.  Here’s how you can use technology to hyper-personalize the donor experience.

Pay attention to what your donors read

One really good way of getting started is to implement a powerful a high-powered automation platform at your organization, which you can use to become your primary method of engagement with donors.  You will quickly be able to track what potential donors are reading about, and what they care most about.  Instead of guessing what’s important to them, you’ll know all that because you’ll see everything they click on, and you’ll see what holds their interest best.  This will give you crucial information for engaging with them, and for making your appeal.

Use robots for scaling

Now that you know what your potential donors really care about, you can create some personalized communications to send to them.  It might be a newsletter which includes many of your core values and messages, and you should also include stories and other content tailored to donors particular interests.  Once you have a library of good content at your organization, you’ll be able to create communications like these in five or 10 minutes, and you’ll be able to use robots to send them out to a large number of potential donors.

Catalog your content

Your organization probably already produces tons of content, intended for magazine articles, videos, web stories, and possibly social media content.  All of this should be cataloged, and you can use your RSS feeds to make the work easier.  Your web team should be working hand-in-hand with you, so you know all the content which has been produced, and where it is located.

Tag your content

After you’ve identified the location of every piece of your content, and you have it categorized, you need to tag it in terms of what it actually discusses, for instance cancer research, helping the poor, or community projects.  Content which might have one or more tags associated with it, should be tagged for all the possible categories it might belong to, so that it becomes available for use in a number of different campaigns.

By using technology to sort and categorize all your content, it will be much more readily available when you start up a new campaign and you’re looking for high quality, successful content to be used.  Then you can couple the right content with the right donor, because you’ve been using technology to identify the interests of potential donors.  Finally, you can also use technology to distribute request for donations in volume, while each request has been hyper-personalized for specific donors.

Campaigns using Bricks R Us 

If your organization is a little smaller, you may want to hyper-personalize on a more intimate level, through the use of memorial bricks.  Most donors are secretly thrilled to see their names on memorial bricks, which you can make available to them through our company, Bricks R Us.  Contact us so we can help you setup your campaign, and we’ll be happy to help make your donors feel very special when they receive their own highly visible memorial brick, placed prominently in a public area so as to recognize their donation.

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