How to Make Your Fundraiser Exciting and Inspiring

January 29, 2015

We want to tell you a little secret.  Do you promise not to tell?  Well, actually, you can tell anyone you’d like.

The secret has to do with how to make your fundraiser exciting, inspiring, magnetic and enthusiastic.  So, what is the secret?  We at Bricks R Us are so glad you asked.

The secret to a successful fundraiser – infused with inspiration and excitement – is passion.  That’s it – in a nutshell.

Boring, Sleepy or Fence-Jumping, Cartwheel-Causing

How to Make Your Fundraiser Exciting and Inspiring

Fundraisers can fall anywhere between two extremes: Boring, yawn-inspiring, sleep-inducing and drab events; or adrenaline-filled, fence-jumping, cartwheel-causing and cheer-promoting festivals that will rock your community.  We at Bricks R Us want to help you take your fundraiser to the next brick-shaking level.

According to, the first step to an exciting and successful fundraiser is to understand your audience: Who are they?  What are their interests?  What motivates them?  What do they care about?  Exciting leaders of fundraisers express their interests and goals clearly and enthusiastically.  Boring fundraisers are muddled, dry, monotone and disjointed.

Take notes.  How do other successful and exciting fundraisers in your area operate?  What do they do?  Besides your passion, you have to let donors know where the money is heading and who or what it will benefit.

Who are they?  You have to know who your people are.  You have to relate to them.  You have to be able to express and share your passion with them.  Are they school teachers?  Churchgoers?  Neighbors?  Caregivers?  The key: Relate to them with excitement and passion.  Boring fundraisers don’t care who they’re talking to.  They don’t care about their audience, and their lack of passion shows.

What do you want?  With passion for your cause and your work, you have to let your audience know what you want them to do and why.  What if they don’t help?  Show them that their help or donations will make a tangible difference.  That’s why you have to grasp in your heart why your fundraiser is special and you have to learn to express that sentiment.  Boring fundraisers leave the barn door wide open.  Potential donors may get informed, but they’re never told exactly what to do or how they can help.

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