How to Get the Most out of Your Fundraising Efforts

February 5, 2020

There are more nonprofit fundraising organizations out there than ever before, and that means there is increased competition for donors and contributors.  That makes it essential for you to get the most out of your fundraising efforts, so that the donors you do attract will become substantial contributors to your cause, and so you can get a leg up on all the competition.  Here are some ways you can maximize your fundraising efforts so as to get the greatest return.

Keep your donors informed

One great way of building trust in your nonprofit is to keep your donors informed about your activities, and how close you are to reaching your campaign goals.  You can issue a periodic newsletter, or make specific phone calls to contributors to keep them in the loop, and demonstrate to them how their contribution is making a real difference.  This will have the effect of building their confidence in your organization, and will encourage them to be a supporter over the long-term.

Use social media

There is nothing which has the enormous reach that social media has, and that means you should be using it to the greatest extent possible to reach potential donors.  There are a number of different platforms available to you, and a whole slew of communication channels.  This will allow you to reach a number of different audiences, and you can tailor your message to each of those audiences.  Best of all, it costs very little to make use of social media, and it can be very effective.

Share a story

More than any statistics or information you can provide people with, they are interested in hearing a story about your organization or about your cause.  Take the time to develop a great story to convey to potential donors, because these can be more effective than anything else you might create.  Stories are human interest creations, and that’s why donors will relate to them better than cold, hard facts.

Mobile giving

Any fundraising campaign you initiate should include a method for mobile giving, because donors who are on the go will be able to make a contribution quickly and effortlessly.  The easier you can make the donation process, the more successful you are likely to be, and mobile contributing is one of the easiest possible ways for making donations.

Keep your volunteers involved

You already have a number of supporters and volunteers who are participating in your fundraising campaign, and you should do what you can to maximize their efforts.  One of the ways you can do this is to ask them to share messages on their personal social media accounts.  Any message on social media has the potential of going viral, and even if you don’t achieve this level of reach, you can still touch a great many people and get them involved with your cause.  Make sure you have a really good message to reach potential donors, and then have your volunteers broadcast that message on their personal accounts.

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