How To Fundraise With Covid-19

August 1, 2020

Like virtually everything else, fundraising has been strongly impacted by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, primarily because personal contact has to be severely restricted.  However, just as many businesses have found a way to conduct operations online and remotely, the same can be done with your fundraising efforts.  Trying to raise money for a good cause always required a good deal of planning and preparation, so in the era of the coronavirus, it just requires a different type of planning.

Donor Sites 

Our company is called Bricks-R-Us, and we originated the concept of Donor Sites, which is a way that contributors to your fundraising campaign can navigate to a webpage and enter their donation amount online.  If your charitable organization already has a website, you can just link to the page we create for you to make things easy.  That donor site page can be customized to say anything you want, and can include whatever images you deem appropriate.

When a donor reaches this webpage, he/she can be directed to send their payment to a pre-arranged mailing address, or they can use a credit card to make their contribution right on the spot.  All contributions must be approved by your organization before we actually begin engraving the bricks which contain donor information.  These bricks are of the finest quality, with laser-etched wording so they will look terrific and make your contributors proud to be part of your cause.

Online ordering of bricks 

Bricks-R-Us is the only company of its kind to provide online ordering of campaign bricks for clients, and we developed this system to make it easier for our customers to conduct their fundraising campaigns.  Order entry on this system is all driven by clearly defined menus, and you will be provided with reports, proofs, and invoices which will make it a breeze to manage your fundraising bricks campaign.  It’s a very simple process that will allow you to maintain a remote relationship with donors and with our own personnel, so everyone involved can stay risk-free.

All that’s necessary is that someone from your organization enter donor information as it becomes available, after which automatic Thank You messages will be sent to your contributors.  You can also have multiple workers enter information into your ordering system from any computer they have access to.  Orders can be paid for by credit card, and you’ll be able to pick the shipping date which is most convenient for you.  You’ll also be able to view all orders from the past or present, and you can print out reports at any time.

Contact us 

If you’d like to get started with your remote fundraising campaign, contact us right away at Bricks-R-Us, so we can help you organize your efforts.  It may take a little more planning to get your program going, but once we have you setup, it will run as smooth as silk.  We look forward to working with you and helping you to a

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