How Skate Parks Can Benefit From Fundraising Bricks and Pavers

June 1, 2016

Creating a high-quality skate park can be a costly endeavor, but the benefits to the community will far outweigh the costs.  Skate parks can provide a place for kids to gather and learn new skills, morals, cognitive abilities, and a lifetime of healthy habits.

Fundraising can be a way to tackle all the hurdles associated with a high-quality skate park.  And fundraising bricks and pavers are a creative and efficient way to approach all these challenges.

Skate parks can be a great asset to any community, but sadly their effectiveness is directly related to their quality.  Unlike basketball courts or football fields, which are relatively safe and useful when in poor condition, skate parks dramatically lose their safety and usefulness when they’re in poor condition.

Whether it’s a poorly constructed skate park, or a well constructed park that is simply losing its battle with time, the park and its facilities will need maintenance.  Busted concrete or wood, jagged rails, trash, and other debris are all clear hazards at a skate park.

How Skate Parks Can Benefit From Fundraising Bricks and Pavers

And even if the park itself is in good condition, it still has to meet the needs of not just its skaters, but the greater community it serves as well.  The skaters will need a park that is large enough for all its patrons, and a park that will continue to challenge them as they grow in skill and ability.

The community at large will need a place that is not only safe, but a place that also “looks safe”; that is, they will need a skate park that is free of graffiti, aesthetically pleasing, and a place where parents feel comfortable dropping off their kids.

Fundraising Bricks and Pavers

Selling engraved bricks that contain names and/or personal messages is a great way to raise money for a skate park.  With construction as one of the central issues associated with a high-quality skate park, selling engraved bricks kills two birds with one stone, or rather brick.  Of course, money is being raised when the bricks are sold, but the purchase of the bricks sets up an excellent opportunity to build a new walk way to the park or even a courtyard that honors the donors.

Another use for the bricks could be to build a memorial brick wall with names and quotes from the skaters engraved on the bricks.  You could even create a competition monument with the brick wall.  Competitions could he held regularly and admission would be the cost of a fundraising brick.  All participants would have their names on bricks in a section for that competition with the winners being recognized and placed at top.  Participants and winners alike would love having this type of permanent memorial.

One unique opportunity created by using fundraising bricks and pavers is that it gives the community a chance to really connect.  Skateboarding and other extreme sports that take place at the skate park are often misunderstood.  With this fundraiser, youth and supporters of skate parks can inform their community about these facilities and what they offer.  Equally important, it’s a way for the community to show an underserved population that they care.  Selling cookies or coupon books will not create a lasting monument that will express their sentiments.

Would you like to learn more about fundraising with bricks and pavers?  Contact us!  We’re here to help you make your fundraiser a success.

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