Art Gallery Fundraising: How It Can Help

September 18, 2015

Art galleries are filled with unique and original works of art by various artists.  When you walk into an art gallery you usually will see a variety of mediums being used such as paintings, photographs and sculptures.  Art galleries can operate as a for-profit business or as a nonprofit organization.   As a nonprofit organization, the gallery will rely on donations rather than selling artwork.  This will be where art gallery fundraising is critical, as the gallery will need funding, community support and good overall marketing strategies in order to be successful.

Art galleries can bring in an array of artwork form artists to showcase cultures locally and from around the world.  Exhibits for art galleries are not only limited to showcasing artwork.  Various types of art can be exhibited like sculptures, photography, performance arts and even with live shows where art is demonstrated and created by an artist for an audience.

A brick fundraiser is a great way to raise funds to help support an art gallery and cover daily operating expenses, as well as the cost of bringing in new artwork into the gallery to showcase.

art gallery fundraising

Programs Fundraising Can Support


Art exhibits provide enrichment by bringing arts and culture into a community from local artists and from around the world.


Art gallery membership programs can be offered to supporters as a great way to keep your fans updated with the latest news and upcoming events.


Exhibition sponsorships are a great way for companies to support the community, create brand awareness and show community support.


Donations can be accepted as annual, yearly, quarterly and as one-time basis as gifts in all amounts can make a tremendous impact on the gallery’s ability to serve the community and artists.

Original Art

When art galleries feature original works of art by artists, it is not uncommon for the gallery to request a commission percentage if a piece of artwork is sold as a result of exhibition efforts.

All of these fundraising efforts are important to offer individually as part of an overall marketing strategy.  Each effort will target a different demographic in order to achieve maximum support for the art gallery.

Here at Bricks R Us, we understand the importance of fundraising and we want to help.  By using the right planning tools and having a well thought-out strategy in place for fundraisers, we can help you.  You have our support every step of the way.  We want to help make a difference in your art gallery fundraising efforts!

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