Learn About Our Brick Engraving Methods!

February 5, 2015

Let us take you on a journey of our brick engraving methods!  What comes to mind when you think bricks?  Maybe you think about those blocks workers used to construct houses or buildings.  Or maybe the ancient Israelites enslaved to the Egyptians come to mind.  Or perhaps the blocks of stone you step on at outdoor patios.

Bricks generally aren’t the hottest topics for dinner conversations.  But they serve a vital function in modern civilization is without doubt.  We at Bricks R Us use bricks for an entirely different purpose – which is to help people with their fundraising efforts.  And it’s not just bricks we use, but we engrave them with whatever lettering or messages our customers want; engraved bricks have brought phenomenal success to fundraising endeavors.

While we help walk customers through every step of the engraved brick fundraising process, our clients only witness the end result – the engraved bricks, which are handsome and nicely crafted pieces of basic artwork.

What’s the Process of Brick Engraving?

Learn About Our Brick Engraving Methods!

But how do we engrave the bricks – at the front end?  Obviously, we start with your normal, run-of-the-mill brick, drab, rectangular, dusty, weighty.  At the back end, customers hold something completely different, a special, personalized symbol of their vision and message, something endearing and memorable.

We at Bricks R Us are different than most brick engravers.  We are the only company that uses two different engraving techniques.  Our customers may choose the method they desire.

The first is laser, which utilizes a special high-beam laser to produce the most durable type of engraving.  This method was developed and tested in the most rigorous environments.  It produces the most precise detail and graphics of the two methods.

The method of sand blasting has been used for more than 130 years.  Employed in conjunction with computer-assisted technology, sand blasting produces a deep, clean and crisp engraving, which leads to extreme longevity.  This is used on most of our monuments and on grave stones.

Customers may choose the type of engraving that would suit their particular needs; both methods come with lifetime guarantees.

We would love to talk with you about brick engraving to find the best approach to meet your goals.

Did you find this blog helpful?  Are you thinking of doing a brick fundraiser?  Let us know.  We’d love to hear from you and help you in any way.  Submit a contact form, call 305-931-7773, or email engravedbricks@bricksrus.com.

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