From Heartbreak to Healing- How a Charity can help after a Tragedy

March 15, 2018

It has been approximately a month since tragedy struck the students of Stoneman Douglass, an awful act that can neither be ignored nor forgotten. 

Unfortunately, this will not be the last tragedy to strike, be it from man-made means or a natural disaster, as there will always be a new terrible event occurring.  But It is in this time of strife and turmoil when, in a gesture of hope and support, you can indeed reach out to another person and let them know they matter.Man sitting on porch sad

Can you fundraise in the face of disasters? 

Yes and the money should go to something to honor those we have lost.

Here are some steps you may want to consider taking when it comes to running a post-tragedy fundraiser.

1.  Be prepared- Due to the high number of tragedies and disasters that occur on a semi-constant basis, you may want to have a group ready to counteract the terrible results of such occasions.  Having a plan in place will make the organization, and the running of a fundraiser will be made all the easier to manage. 

2.  Let donors know they can trust you.  Give your donors peace of mind by firmly establishing your legitimacy right from the start.  Let it be known where the earnings will be going too, and if associated with reputable organizations or public figures, ask them to vouch for you as well. 

3.  Focus on transparency and accountability.  Keep your donors assured of your legitimacy by being transparent during fundraising and long after you are finished. 

4.  Consider timing.  Timing is VERY important to consider when it comes to fundraising a disaster.  The best thing you can do is to use discretion and start fundraising as soon as you know you can make a difference.

5.  Be careful with social media.  Though a great way to communicate and give updates to your supporters, you need to stay aware of how you are presenting yourself on social media channels.  Be careful not to appear insensitive, oblivious or opportunistic.  Make sure you are hands-on when it comes to the management of your social media account.

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