Personalize a Brick Paver with Bricks R Us

July 23, 2014

Engraved bricks and tiles are often used by nonprofit groups and civic organizations to honor volunteers, supporters and large donors.  These attractive groupings of engraved bricks can be found in parks, as well as near churches and schools.  But did you know you can also personalize a brick paver?

Personalize a Brick Paver with Bricks R Us

Source: Brick R Us

Or what if you just want a single engraved brick (or two) for your home or garden?  Read on to find out how you can purchase single brick pavers as a gift.

Why Give a Single Brick

Engraved bricks are an affordable, attractive and versatile gift.  They also bestow a certain significance on the item.  Occasions that might merit a single brick as a gift, include:

  • Important wedding anniversary
  • Milestone birthday
  • Volunteer of the Year award
  • Honoring the new garden club president, plus each new president after that
  • Graduation present for high school, college, masters or Ph.D.  program
  • The birth of a grandchild
  • Celebration of retirement
  • Acknowledgement of each head pastor in your church’s history

Why Purchase a Single Brick

Personalize a Brick Paver with Bricks R Us

Gift someone with a personalized brick that will last the ages.           Source: Bricks R Us

Some individuals may wish to purchase a brick for personal or business reasons.  Some of these might include:

  • Corporate Identity: Company logo and slogan
  • Communication: “Smoking is not permitted on this terrace,” “Rose Garden Entrance”
  • Fun sayings: “Mom’s Garden,” “Smith Residence: Est.  1982,” “You are here”

Choosing Your Brick

Single brick pavers are available in two sizes and four great colors.  You may purchase bricks in the standard (4” x 8”) size or the 8” x 8” square variety.  They come in Red, Carribean, Ivory and Majestic.  Standard engraving is available for all four colors, and laser engraving is also available with the two Red (#30) colors.  For a more formal touch, felt can be added to the back of your brick at no extra charge.

Ordering Single Bricks

Single bricks may only be purchased with a credit card or e-check, using the online form for single bricks on our website.  Your brick will ship within four days of the order being received.  All prices include engraving and shipping within the Continental United States.

Please Note

Bricks R Us does not charge for sample bricks.  If you wish to receive a sample brick or are uncertain which form you should use, please contact our helpful staff today.

If you’re looking for a unique gift to commemorate a special occasion, or just to add a bit of humor to your flower garden, then look no further than a single brick paver from Bricks R Us.  Our customer service team will be happy to provide you with more information about giving brick pavers as gifts, or about the engraved brick process in general.  Please contact us today for more solutions for your special gift situations.

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