Senior Class Trip Fundraising

September 3, 2015

Every year schools around the United States decide on where to take their graduating seniors for the much anticipated Senior Class Trip.  These excursions are wonderful opportunities for graduating students to make unforgettable memories with their friends before embarking onto new adventures.  Students, however, are tasked with the difficult decision of determining how to pay for the trip costs.  That’s why Bricks R Us is here, to help schools and families with senior class trip fundraising!

Senior Trip Costs Keep Rising

The types of senior trips vary and include everything from snow skiing and Caribbean cruises, to trips to New York City, Washington D.C., to beach and more.  Depending on the destination and length of the trip, prices can range from $300 to well over $1,000 per student.  In addition these costs rarely include all the expenses.  Unfortunately, and with prices climbing ever higher, it ultimately becomes harder for some families to afford a spot for their graduating senior.

 senior class trip fundraising

The Perfect Way to Fund A Senior Class Trip

It goes without saying that every graduating senior should have the opportunity to attend their senior class trip.  In order to mitigate trip expenses, many schools alongside their graduating seniors have started to fundraise for the total cost of the class trip.  That’s why an engraved brick fundraiser is the perfect method to not only lower the cost of the trip, but to also generate a sense of pride in our graduating seniors, who work just as diligently to raise the much needed funds.  An engraved brick wall or walkway can also serve as a unique and lasting memorial to commemorate the graduating class.

If your school is in the planning stages of the senior class trip, let us help you with senior class trip fundraising!  Together, we can help create the perfect memory for our graduating seniors.


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