Fundraising for a Dog Park with Bricks!

October 2, 2015

If you own a pet, then you might understand how important it is to make sure that it is healthy and has what it needs to live a happy life.  Many pet owners that live in apartments or houses with no backyards have to walk their pets to nearby park so they can let loose and run.  In neighborhoods where there are no dog parks, pet owners carry the burden of having to drive to nearby parks to find a place where they can let their dogs run without there being any dangers around them, such as heavy traffic.

In recent years, dog parks have fortunately become standard for newer neighborhoods.  Cities understand the importance of providing for a safe place where individuals can take their pets and unwind from a busy day.  These places are perfect for individuals to take their dogs for a walk and to get together with their neighbors.

In some cases, dog parks also provide trails where people can run or walk as a way to unwind from a busy day.  Because of these added benefits, many individuals in older neighborhoods that don’t have dog parks have participated in fundraising for a dog park.  While there are many ways that one can raise funds, having a brick fundraiser benefits the cause in a more tangible way.

Fundraising for a Dog Park with Bricks!

While the most important part of a dog park is the area designated for the animals, one cannot forget that pet owners also need to have an area where they can comfortably interact.  For example, paths around the dog park provide for an area where individuals can walk or jog.  These paths can be made out of bricks to enhance the look of the park.  Thus, having a brick fundraiser is not only profitable, but is also a great way to fundraise with a product that can be directly used in the creation of the dog park.  Above for example, is an image of a brick path inlaid with some of our bricks.

Fundraising for a Dog Park with Bricks!

A brick path enhances the landscape of any park.  And if you’re fundraising with Bricks R Us, then it would be a fun and engaging way to draw in more donors by engraving the bricks with their pet names.  This personalizes the fundraiser and leaves a lasting mark once the park is built.  If you’d like more information on fundraising for a dog park with Bricks R Us, call or contact us – we’re happy to help!

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