Fundraising for Community Centers

September 11, 2015

Community centers, such as the YMCA, play an important role in the growth of our neighborhoods.  They provide services ranging from sports activities, to food pantries, to comprehensive youth development programs.  In many areas, it is the community center that provides much needed enrichment programs and after-school activities for youth.

Since most centers are non-profit, funding is often limited.  This can create a scarcity of resources, which often means the centers are not able to provide much needed services to the community.  This is why fundraising for community centers has become so important.  Many centers rely on fundraising events to make up for insufficient funds.

In such cases, a brick fundraiser is a great idea to help our community centers.  Here at Bricks R Us, we know how valuable these centers are to the communities they serve; that is why we are here to help every step of the way.  Below are two types of programs offered by community centers, which often rely on raised funds to supplement their needs.


Fundraising for Community Centers


Educational Programs

After-school educational programs are one of the top reasons why community centers are so important.  The added educational value that they provide not only helps improve student grades, but also contributes to school rankings.  However, the tools needed to provide these educational services often cost more money than community centers are able to afford.  That is why helping raise funds for this type of service is so important.  A successful fundraiser can help raise funds that can be used toward the purchase of new school supplies, computers, and can even help renovate an area of the center for a designated tutoring zone.

Food Pantry

Food pantries are vital to many families throughout the country.  That is why many community centers have a designated food pantry area for individuals who are in need of help.  Some centers, however, have limited space and lack the necessary funds to create such an area.  Without this program, many families often find themselves searching for help outside of their communities.  By having a fundraiser, the community as a whole can come together and help the center raise funds to open a food pantry.

Community centers are vital for the continued enrichment of our neighborhoods.  If your center is looking for ways to raise funds, let us help you!  An engraved bricks fundraiser could be the perfect solution.  Together, we can help raise funds for the continued aid that centers provide to communities across the United States.

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