Fundraising 101: How to Launch A Successful Campaign

December 19, 2014

Raising funds for your hospital, university, or organization can be tough, and doing it for the first time can be especially hard.  Bricks R Us has been in the custom engraving business for 25 years, and we know what it takes to implement a successful fundraising campaign.  Here’s a fundraising 101 guide on everything you need to know about starting to fundraiser for you organization.

Plan Your Goals and Message

Before launching your fundraiser, be sure to answer these questions.  What are you raising money for?  What amount of money would like to reach?  What is your budget for staff and expenses?  What is the main message you want to portray?  Who is your target audience?  Are you throwing an official event, or an ongoing campaign?  Do you have past donors you can reach out to?  Set reasonable goals that make sense.  For extra help hammering out the details, utilize this fundraising planning worksheet.

Recruit Your Fundraising Team

Fundraising 101: How to Launch A Successful Campaign

Now that you have decided to hold a fundraising campaign, it’s time to build a winning team.  Ask yourself, how many board and staff members you have available.  Will you need to hire additional staffers or get help from volunteers?  What role should each of them play on your team?  Once you have your team in place, start promoting the campaign in your marketing materials, over your social media channels and through email campaigns.  Set the stage for your fundraising launch.

Raising Money with Bricks

Many organizations think that fundraising is limited to bake sales, auctions, mail solicitation and raffles.  While these options are available, consider holding a brick fundraiser.  With Bricks R Us, you will determine the price of each individually personalized engraved brick or tile to be sold, and we provide you with our lowest net price per inscribed item.  The difference between those two costs is the direct profit to the charity or project of your choice.  Best of all, your donor’s name or inscription is literally “set in stone” for a lifetime.

Personalized engraved bricks and tiles by Bricks R Us, in the shape and size of your choice, can help you raise funds and provide donor recognition at the same time.  They are the perfect method for charities, religious institutions, hospitals, government buildings, schools and colleges, civic organizations.  If you have questions about brick fundraisers, we will be happy to help you get started. Contact us for more information on brick fundraisers!

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