Fundraising 101: How to Ask for Donations?

September 16, 2014

Let’s be honest — asking for donations can be difficult and uncomfortable.  Although some folks are better at it than others, for most of us, it’s a tough task soliciting money from strangers, colleagues and friends.  But, don’t give up yet!  Here are some fundraising consulting tips that will help you out the next time you ask for donations.

Fundraising 101: How to Ask for Donations?

Follow these fundraiser tips and tricks to attract more donations for your organization.

Leaving Money on the Table

If you’re holding a brick campaign, you probably have a list of names to contact.  Before you speak with each person, you should decide what size gift to sell. This is usually not a mathematical or scientific process, but more of a gut feeling based on what you think the donor would feel comfortable giving.

Unfortunately, when you project your own values or ideas about money onto donors, you often aim too low.  This causes you to “leave money on the table.” To avoid this in the future, do a little brainstorming with other members in your committee.  Ask them to look at your list – including your proposed ask levels – and share their thoughts.  Remember to keep this all in confidence.

Focus on the Mission

For some individuals, asking people for donations is not just uncomfortable, it’s downright terrifying.  This is really unfortunate because it removes a large number of excellent fundraisers from the pool. Some of these people are your strongest supporters and most loyal volunteers with the best stories.

While you can’t cure fear overnight, this group may be more helpful in the future if you coach them to focus on the mission, not the donor or the amount of money involved. It’s all about how those funds can be used to further your cause.  This is a good time to use examples such as $50 a month buys food for an entire family, or $1,000 will vaccinate an entire village!

Working Together

It’s important to keep in mind the symbiotic relationship between the donor and nonprofit organization.  The donor wants to help a lot of people, but has no real infrastructure.  Your organization provides that.  No matter how motivated, your donor can’t help hundreds of people living on the street, but you can do it for him.  That’s why donors are usually just as grateful to make the gift as nonprofits are to receive it.

Brick Campaigns

At Bricks R Us, our staff is ready to help you start your own brick fundraiser.  A brick campaign is easy to run with the help of our top-notch customer service team, which includes a fundraising consulting service.  You’ll find the Bricks R Us app convenient for on-the-go use, as well as the donor website that we’ll create specifically for your organization.

If you have any questions about engraved brick pavers or raising money with a brick campaign, contact us today!

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