Four Donor Communication Tips for Your Next Fundraising Campaign

January 8, 2016

As you make plans for your upcoming fundraiser, make sure you think about your current and prospective donors and how you will communicate with them.  That is an important part of fundraising that many groups and organizations fail to address, which can be costly to your campaign.

Here at Bricks R Us, an engraved brick company, we help our clients implement successful fundraisers.  Use these four tips for donor communication to help ensure a successful fundraising campaign for you and your organization.

How Will You Communicate With Them?

Do you and your staff have a policy for responding to inquiries and complaints?  Make sure that you do so that none of your donors are neglected or ignored.  If you can’t always respond immediately, do so within 24 hours.  Sometime it really is the little things that make a difference.

How Will You Thank Your Donors?

Four Donor Communication Tips for Your Next Fundraising Campaign

This is an important part of any fundraising campaign.  Decide in advance how you will thank your donors.  Will their names be published or posted on your website?  What kind of thank you will they receive – an email, a card, a gift?  This kind of courtesy can help donors decide whether or not they’d like to donate again.

Tell Them How Their Monies Will Be Spent

Make sure you tell your donors how their donations will be used.  If funds are being raised for a specific project or purpose, include that in your campaign.  It can make a big difference in donations.  People like to know what their donations are being used for.  Include this in any follow-up and thank-you correspondence too.

Be Specific In Your Purpose

Make sure your donors know who you are and what you do in all of your campaign and promotional literature.  This is not the time to be vague.  You want donors to know exactly what you do and what you’re about.  People receive many requests for charitable donations these days.  Don’t allow yours to get lost among the masses.  Make sure you stand out.

What do you think about these donor communication tips?  What other tips would you suggest?  Comment below or reach out to us on any of our social channels.

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