Professional Fundraisers: What to Look For!

April 8, 2012

Selecting the right fundraising company is a critical step toward your program’s success.  In some areas, there are dozens of professional fundraisers offering myriad fundraising products and services, which increases the need to completely evaluate a company before choosing a program.

Service is a critical consideration when evaluating a fundraising company.  Let the sales representative explain what he or she will do to make your fundraiser a success and, importantly, make your job easier.  To help you and the company determine what services will be critical to the program’s success, discuss up front your financial goals and the number of volunteers you can count on for help.  Armed with answers to the following five questions, fundraising sponsors can make solid decisions for their group:

  1. Experience – How long has the company been in the product fundraising business?
  2. Services Offered – What value-added services does the company offer, and how much do these services cost (i.e., assistance to volunteers, communicating with parents, custom packing, etc.)?
  3. Flexibility  -How will the company tailor its program to fit your organization’s needs, and more importantly, how will it meet your financial goals?
  4. Knowledge of Laws – Does the company comply with state sales and use tax laws and understand how these laws impact your program?
  5. Troubleshooting – How responsive will the company be should problems arise (i.e, damaged products, back orders, etc.)?

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