Five Fundraising Resolutions For The New Year

January 22, 2016

It’s the beginning of the year and time for your nonprofit or organization to make some fundraising resolutions.  This year is going to be different and now is the time to start making things happen.

Here at Bricks R Us, a brick engraving company, we know all about fundraising success.  We work with all of our clients and give them the tools they need to ensure their fundraising projects are successful.  As we begin the first month of 2016, here are five fundraising resolutions to help you.

Clean Up Your Data Base

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to clean up your data base of donors before you send out your next invite, e-blast or request.  Confirm your donors’ contact information to make sure it includes any recent changes of address.  Check to see if there are any additional updates like marriages or deaths that you need to take note of.

Diversify Your Approach

What’s your method for donor outreach?  Are you putting all your eggs in one digital basket?  Consider a broad approach in reaching your donors.  Don’t just rely on email, for example, and don’t spend your entire budget on online ads either.  You’ve got to diversify your approach and think of several different channels, like social media, print and radio, to reach your audience.

Focus on Your Impact

Today’s donors like to know exactly how their donations are being spent.  The more focused and direct you can be in your fundraising campaign, the greater your chances of success.  In fact, if donors like your focus they are likely to give even more.

Make it Easy to Donate

Five Fundraising Resolutions For The New Year

Do you make it easy for people to donate to your cause?  Is your website and donation form mobile friendly?  If people can’t donate via their smart phone when it’s convenient for them, they may not donate at all.  Don’t let outdated technology stand in the way of the good things your nonprofit or organization is doing.  Here at Bricks R Us, for example, we provide individual websites for our clients, which help them coordinate their engraved brick fundraisers.

Focus on Keeping Your Current Donors

Often many organizations focus their attention on gaining new contributors rather than working on maintaining their current set of donors.  Once someone has donated, they’re already in your court.  It’s a whole lot easier to ask them to give to your cause again rather than introduce yourself to someone new.  Along with your regular fundraising efforts, spend some time maintaining these current donor relationships.  Has someone stopped giving?  Give them a call.  Ask some questions.  Find out what happened and work to resolve the issues.

What do you think about these fundraising resolutions?  Comment below.  We’d love to hear from you!

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