Five Creative Donor Recognition Ideas

July 6, 2016

While most donors don’t do what they do for the recognition, many non-profits, charitable organizations, schools and others still want to do something to show their appreciation.  It’s these volunteers and donors who make a true difference in this world and they should be recognized for this.  If you’re looking for ways to recognize your unsung heroes, consider these five creative donor recognition ideas.

Donor Recognition Party

Throw an informal party for all of your donors.  Invite others as well.  You can choose to cater the event with a taco bar, or choose to barbecue.  Keep a wide variety of foods on-hand for special dietary restrictions and observances.  On the tables, create place cards with the donor’s name, their business or organization name and a special “thank you” for their contribution.  Take time to thank guests with an announcement of the donors.  This allows others to recognize them, but it also serves to provide a networking platform.

Social Media Recognition

Virtually everyone is on social media these days.  Taking time to recognize donors in this medium allows others to gain awareness of the donor, their contribution, and it helps to place the spotlight on them.  Write a piece about each one and their donation.

Five Creative Donor Recognition Ideas

Engraved Brick Walkways

An engraved brick walkway helps to forever memorialize a donor’s generous contributions.  You see it all the time: People stop to read each engraving as they walk.  For instance, Bricks R Us provides engraved bricks that can be used in a variety of ways.  They can also be used to create a courtyard, wall or however desired.  This is a particularly excellent way to thank those who helped contribute money toward construction projects.  But really, this works well for any project.  Donor bricks with a personal message can also serve as a great memento for your donors.

Thank You Letters

“Thank You” letters are a special way to recognize donors.  In today’s digital world of texts and emails, handwritten thank you notes can really make an impression.  Complete them immediately after the donation so that the donor feels truly honored.  Go beyond just thanking them, and create a general newsletter.  Within the newsletter, showcase each donor.

Unique Photo Books

Donors know they’re appreciated when they can see how and where their contribution was used.  Take pictures of the work you are doing or the project you’re working on so donors can see how their contributions are a part of the process.  Show pictures from the project’s beginning until completion.  Be sure to show photos of finished results.

People appreciate simple, yet genuine, gestures.  The donor recognition ideas detailed above help donors feel appreciated, and it brings public awareness to your cause and the generous contributions made in light of your cause.  Contact us for more information or if you need help getting started on your fundraising project or donor recognition event.

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