Brick Arrays Are the Perfect Way to Fundraise

August 26, 2014

If your organization is considering a brick fundraiser, you may already have a mental image of how it will all work out. If you have room for 1,000 standard-sized bricks, you’re probably thinking your organization should find 800 to 1,000 donors who will each request a unique 4 x 8 inch brick. However, instead of this, you might also consider utilizing brick arrays to improve public engagement and fundraising opportunities.

Brick Arrays Are the Perfect Way to Fundraise

Add more character to a brick display with an array from Bricks R Us.

What is it?

A brick array is basically just a picture, emblem or logo that has been engraved on two or more adjoining bricks.  Usually, Bricks R Us customers prefer the 8 inch square bricks for arrays, although it’s possible to use the standard 4 x 8 inch bricks as well.  The graphics are provided by the donor, or “buyer,” which is then passed along to Bricks R Us. We will handle all the engraving.


Because of the graphics and multi-brick situation, an array is slightly more expensive than engraving a regular brick.  On top of standard brick engraving fees, an array will cost $30 for the first 4 bricks and $30 for each four after that.

Who Should Purchase an Array?

Anyone who wants to purchase an array can do so.  There’s no wrong group or person to buy a brick array.

  • Businesses – If you’re looking for fundraiser donors, then speak with some local businesses.  They will be interested in the pictures, as well as the benefits to their business, which include clear, good-looking graphics and a very noticeable sponsorship level.
  • Families – Even though most families don’t have a logo, some people want to use a brick array to show their family’s strong support of an organization or even as a memorial to deceased family members.
  • Churches, Universities and Public/Private Schools – When holding a brick fundraiser, these groups often need one or two brick arrays for their own use.  Arrays often head up a section of bricks, or they’re placed in the center of a brick plaza containing the organization’s name or logo.
  • Nonprofits – Besides using engraved bricks to raise money for their organization, nonprofits also use brick to show public appreciation for their largest supporters.  A brick array (or larger brick array) for a corporate donor would definitely make for some good feedback!

If you would like more information about using a brick array for your brick fundraiser, please contact Bricks R Us today!

Image Source: Bricks R Us 

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