Easily Design and Order a Brick Display with BRU

November 14, 2014
Easily Design and Order a Brick Display with BRU

Design your brick display easily with Bricks R Us.  Source: Bricks R Us

If a brick campaign is in your future, there’s no need to be concerned about the logistics of the process.  As we first mentioned back in July, modern technology and excellent customer service have made it easier than ever to design and order your brick display from Bricks R Us.

Customer Service/Fundraising Consulting

Bricks R Us is committed to helping our clients hold a successful brick campaign.  To that end, we provide:

Brick Colors and Sizes

An engraved 4 inch X 8 inch red brick is fairly common.  However, if the brick is 8 inches X 8 inches or even 12 inches X 12 inches, it becomes much more unusual.  Of course, if the color of that large brick is something rare like green, sandstone or white, then it must be a Bricks R Us product!  Our clients are happy to know that our wide range of color choices allows them to utilize bricks that complement their décor, theme, school colors, logo and more.  By offering a variety of sizes, Brick R Us also helps nonprofits “sell” their bricks at different donation levels, which raises more funds for their brick campaign.

Pricing and Value

Bricks R Us has a standing Low Price Guarantee.  We will be happy to hear of a similar competitor who has presented you with a lower price – and then beat it!  Plus, even when you get the new low price, we’ll still provide all of our standard services.

Another way Bricks R Us provides a good value for your dollar is with the Bonus Brick Program.  For every 300 engraved bricks you order, Bricks R Us will give you the next 10 for free.  After that, for every 100 bricks ordered, your organization will receive 5 more free engraved bricks.  It’s just a small way Bricks R Us can help your organization put more funds back into your mission.


Once your brick orders have been placed online, you will receive a proof sheet within 24 hours.  This is your chance to double-check the brick text for typos and miscommunications. Surprisingly, some brick companies don’t even participate in the proofing stage, while other companies charge their clients for changes to the proof.  This is not the case with Bricks R Us.  We understand that humans can make mistakes and that the purpose of the proof is to correct these mistakes and catch errors.  After the proofing stage, your bricks will soon be out the door and on their way to your location!

If you would like to know more about the process of ordering engraved brick pavers for a brick campaign, contact the friendly Bricks R Us staff today at 888-MY-BRICK.

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