Our mission at ATLAST is to inspire and empower Latino High School students to become leaders in their community.

We make commitments only when we believe we can make a difference. Everything we do to better our own lives, the community and the world should be viewed in a manner that it can always be done better until we know without a doubt that it can’t.We realize that in order to become the greatest version of ourselves, we have to act as if we already are great. We take personal responsibility for the condition of the people with whom we interact. For we exist not only to better our own lives and the lives of Latinos, but the lives of everyone around us.

We are currently raising money to help fund the transformation of a convenience store built in 1953, located on McKinney's east side, into a grocery store with healthier food alternatives for families within the community. The store will be known as “La Tiendita.” We are excited about the grand opening of La Tiendita as it will make a difference in many of the families lives who live on the east side of McKinney as they have a hard time accessing fresh fruits and vegetables in their area.

La Tiendita will also be beneficial to many students that are looking to intern and give back to their community. Internships will not only give students the chance to give back to their community, but will also provide them with mentors who will help them navigate through college applications and deadlines.


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