Free Online Ordering: Supercharge Your Fundraiser

July 3, 2014

If your organization’s leadership has decided to hold a fundraiser, you may already be researching the variety of fundraising opportunities that could benefit your group.  If you’ve considered engraved bricks or tiles, did you know that Bricks R Us has free online ordering?

Free Online Ordering: Supercharge Your Fundraiser

Quickly order engraved bricks with Bricks R Us’ online ordering system.

One of a Kind
Bricks R Us is the only brick engraving company that offers free online ordering.  This includes an easy menu-driven order entry system, as well as the option to create and print out reports, invoices, and proofs.  Of course, this also comes with our free support team, free online back-up, and upgrades!

How Does it Work?

  • Each time you “sell” a brick (or tile), type it into the free online ordering system. This will include the following:
    • The donor’s name
    • Contact info including email address
    • The inscription
    • The amount
    • Whether it’s a pledge or a gift.
  • Once the brick and donor info is entered, use the system to send that donor a gift receipt and thank you letter via email.
  • Create reports to check on past or pending orders, shipping dates, tracking info, and whether or not payment has been received.
  • Utilize the system to:
    • Export donor information into MS Excel
    • Create a proof sheet of bricks or tiles
    • Print donor reports weekly, monthly, and annually to share with leadership
    • Keep tabs on campaign pledges and pledge payments, as well as documentation on if the payments have been completed, and how many payments are remaining

The Bricks R Us staff is happy to accept your order in any format; however, making use of the free online ordering system will save your organization time and money overall.  Not only can you save time by entering your orders quickly on our website, your donors can enter their own orders via the donor website that we create for you on our server (with your logo and art).  We like to think that we have the easiest and most flexible ordering set up in the brick engraving industry.

Would you like to learn more about engraved bricks and free online ordering? Contact us today!

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