Customized Bricks Great for LGBT Fundraising Projects

June 29, 2016

Organizing a fundraiser can be a great way to contribute to a cause.  After all, $358.38 billion dollars were donated to charitable causes in 2014.  However, with all the competition out there it’s not easy to make your LGBT fundraising event a success.

It takes a worthwhile cause and a lot of heart to make you want to organize a fundraiser, but that’s not enough.  You need to make it stand out so other people can feel your passion.  Engraved bricks are a unique and customizable way to do just that.

Engraved Bricks

It’s simple!  You set up the fundraising price for each brick, which will then be personalized with the name of each donor.  We at Bricks R Us provide you with the minimum price for each individual brick, so the difference between our price and yours becomes the direct profit of your organization or project.

Preserving Memories

Just think about it.  Since each donor gets a brick, when you meet your goal you will have a beautiful memorial that can be installed in walkways, courtyards, indoor corridors, walls and other highly visible places where it will remain an inspiration for a long time.  It’s a great project for your local LGBT center

Simply Beautiful

Customized bricks are a simple and yet meaningful way to make your fundraiser a success.  Without the hassle of other forms of fundraising, bricks tastefully symbolize the progress that’s made with each donation in order to finally reach that goal.

Fun for Everyone

Another thing about customized bricks is that they’re fun!  People love their visual aspect and how they function perfectly as a focal point for events and parties.  It’s just the kind of stand-out activity people will talk about and remember for years to come.

Customized Bricks Great for LGBT Fundraising Projects

The Best Quality

A LGBT fundraising project with engraved memorial bricks is guaranteed to be a great success, but only if it’s executed flawlessly.  Luckily there are professionals that can provide you with the best service, support and high-quality products in order to make it happen.  Bricks R Us is an engraved brick company that’s been in the industry for more than 27 years.

Make it Personal

The icing on the cake: Adding your personal touch is easy with customized bricks.  You can choose between various brick styles, sizes, colors and even symbols in order to create the design just the way you envisioned.  You can have a variety of compelling projects such as courtyards, walls and walkways.  In addition to being a fantastic tool for fundraising, your engraved brick memorial will look great anywhere.

No Upfront Costs

If you are worried about the costs of the actual fundraiser overtaking the amount donated, you can stop now.  Bricks R Us helps you maintain profitability by only charging you for the amount of bricks you sold.  Add to that the affordability of our products and our free services and you have the perfect formula for a successful LGBT fundraising project.  Are you ready to try it?  Contact us today!

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