Custom Brick Campaigns for Alumni Fundraising

July 20, 2016

As a proud alumnus of your school, showing your pride by creating a tribute builds community for your school and is a great way to support student activities.  As a fundraiser and a practical sculptural element, an engraved custom brick tribute is a wonderful way to join with other university alumni to make a difference and leave a lasting memory in honor of your school.  Alumni fundraising ensures that your school will continue to inspire future generations of graduates.

Alumni Fundraising for Your University

Fundraising with custom brick projects can take many forms and provide money for scholarships, endowments or operational needs.  As a successful alumnus who is appreciative of the education you received, organizing a fundraising project through the alumni association is a great way to give back to the institution that provided your education.  A well-planned ongoing campaign can focus on a launch event, but it can also continue to grow over the years to provide support the school with the assistance of alumni.

Elementary and High School Fundraising

Custom Brick Campaigns for Alumni Fundraising

Private and public elementary or high schools can also benefit from custom brick fundraisers to support extracurricular activities such as sports teams, academic clubs or musical groups.  Raising funds while building a beautiful landscape element for the school makes this type of fundraising an activity in which everyone can participate.  A great place to start is with your school’s parent-teacher organization to gain support, make a plan and start your campaign to meet the school’s fundraising needs.

Organizing a Fundraising Event or an Ongoing Campaign

Organizing a fundraiser around an event such as a reunion, homecoming, graduation or athletic activity gives you the opportunity to pair it with social events for other alumni.  Building a walkway or decorative element that enhances the school’s landscaping will appeal to everyone and allow you and other alumni to express your appreciation with a tangible tribute as a reminder of your successful fundraising project.

Start Your Alumni Fundraising Project Today

With more than 27 years of experience, Bricks R Us provides beautifully engraved bricks and all the tools you’ll need for your alumni fundraising efforts.  We offer everything from campaign consulting to an online portal for placing customized orders.  Let us assist you with planning, marketing and tracking your campaign for a successful fundraising experience; contact us today for complete information about how to get started with a fundraiser for your alma mater.

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