Creative Fundraising Ideas for Your School

August 22, 2014

The new school year is officially here.  This means it’s time for football, field trips, and of course, fundraising.  If your school fundraisers are getting stale or are just not doing the job, you might need a new idea this year.  Around the country, many schools are utilizing fun, new methods of fundraising.  Here are some fundraising ideas for your school!

Creative Fundraising Ideas for Your School

Bring new revenue into a program at your school with these fundraising ideas.


This great fundraising idea actually ends with a spelling test.  From a list of 20 words (appropriate to grade level), each student should ask family and friends to pledge a certain amount per word correctly spelled. The spelling test should be held two weeks after the sponsor lists go out.  The school will then post the total number of words spelled correctly by each student.  This fundraiser is a winner all around because it shows the school’s commitment to education and actually makes the supporters part of the learning process.

Schoolyard Sale

A school-wide yard sale has a number of positive aspects for your fundraiser:

  • Most schools have plenty of space to host this type of event, either on the playground or inside the school.  If you plan to hold the event inside, you can use each classroom for different types of items like clothing, furniture, toys, kitchen items, etc.
  • To get the word out, just send information home with students, put a big sign in front of the school, post it on the school’s website and email the information to the local paper.
  • You have a built-in clientele and donors.  Growing children constantly need new clothes, toys and sports equipment, while parents just want to get rid of items taking up space.


Some schools take recycling very seriously.  Of course, recycling is good for the planet, but as fundraising ideas go, it’s also pretty good!  Schools collect everything from bottles and cans, to ink cartridges and cell phones, depending on the recycling organization they work with.  Usually the recycling program runs the entire school year.  Classes and grade levels can compete against each other, tracking totals for a routine update on whose in the lead and who’s behind.

Sell Candy, Cookies and Candles

A tried and true method of fundraising for schools is still the product fundraiser.  Students ask friends and family to buy items shown in a small brochure, and then the school gets a percentage of the profit from each item.  These school fundraisers can include candy, magazines, cookie dough, bracelets and wrapping paper, just to name a few.

Engraved Bricks from Bricks R Us

One fundraiser that’s really catching on with schools is selling engraved bricks.  A brick fundraiser is easy to manage and always well-supported by the local community.  Plus, Bricks R Us provides free fundraising consulting services!

If you would like more information on fundraising ideas using engraved bricks, please contact us today!

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