How to Create a Brick Fundraiser in Phases

August 28, 2015

Have you ever thought about how to create a brick fundraiser in phases?  This will allow you to run multiple campaigns to support your goals over an extended period of time.  If you have already completed a brick fundraising project you can always add to it.  Just think of it as a project extension.  You can add a second matching wall or walkway to your completed project.  As long as you have room to build your project, you can make it work and drive additional funding for your organization.

This is a perfect idea for projects that need to be completed in phases or that have multiple deadlines.  A project example would be a building addition or enhancement.  It can also be used for a school’s graduating class to leave behind a memorial, with each year’s class having its own section.  These would be considered ongoing fundraising projects.

Here Are Some Tips for Planning a Brick Fundraiser in Phases

Create a Plan

Create a long-term plan that includes phases and projected dates.  You will need to know how many phases you will have as well as how much physical space you have to work with.  This will allow you to figure out the amount of bricks you can sell for each phase.  Make sure you will have enough space to add to your project over the years.


Everyone involved must know what the fundraising goal is and what project the funds are going toward.  Be sure to let all involved know exactly what phase you are completing and deadline dates.  For example, is your goal to add a piece of new playground equipment with each phase or are you purchasing new computers one class at a time?  Keep open lines of communication with all involved so donors are getting the proper information.

How to create a brick fundraiser in phases.

Donor Appreciation

Make sure you thank your donors and keep them informed with project updates.  This will instill confidence in your donors and encourage them to continue to support your fundraiser.

Brick Reward Points

Here at Bricks R Us, we understand the importance of fundraising and we want to help.  By using the right planning tools and having a long term strategy in place to continue fundraiser for years to come, we can help you.  You have our support every step of the way.  We want to help make a difference in your fundraising efforts.

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