As this time of uncertainty continues, we realize the business we’re in is still of great importance to many organizations as they raise needed funds.  With that said, many of our customers (mainly schools) are closed for precautionary measures.

Since some customers are unable to contact us to let us know the status, we are taking certain presumptions as well as trying to contact people to make sure we don’t send orders that don’t have a place to be accepted and/or stored.  If you have received a ship date, as long as all couriers are open for business, we will ship on the designated day; however, if you need that date changed, you can email our Ordering Department at or contact us at 305-931-7773 and we will accommodate all customers.

Some of our employees are working from home but Bricks R Us has the ability to accommodate these employees and they can make/receive all calls as well as sign into our system to see the same information on all customer accounts as if they were in the office.

Our employee’s health will dictate our future actions as there is nothing more important.  If anything changes, we will keep you informed using this vehicle.

On Monday, March 23rd, we will be making some permanent changes to assist our customers now and in the future.

Faster Turn-Around Time.  Currently our 2-3 week turnaround is the quickest in the industry; due to an upgrade to our warehouse and machinery, our turnaround will be 1-2 weeks.

Custom Logo Fee Waived.  We have always charged a one-time, $50 charge for custom logos.  If we receive these custom logos in a format where we do not have to re-create the logo, this charge will be waived.  Click HERE to understand how logos need to be received for us to waive this charge.

Military Logos for 4×8 Bricks.  Many customers (especially veterans) have wanted to use military logos on 4×8 bricks.  We will now offer this and each line will be able to have a maximum of 16 characters per line.

We recognize that Brick R Us is one of the largest engraving companies in the country and as a result, it’s up to us to continue to be innovators and help our customers at all times.

Although bricks are tangible, we have created the fundraising portion with the ability to sell and advertise online (Donor Sites, Online Ordering System, Phone App); this allows your campaign to continue and since you control when the bricks are ordered, you can wait until all of us are safe and in a better place.

Please follow the recommendations on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website and BE SAFE!

We are here should you need ANY assistance.

  • The Staff at Bricks R Us