Commemorative Brick Pavers for Pet Rescue Fundraisers

June 14, 2016

With a vested interest in helping homeless pets, pet rescue organizations are a valued safety net for pets in need in our communities.  The expenses of providing medical care, training and adoption services for pets can be enormous, and fundraisers are necessary to help rescue organizations meet their expenses.  As a thoughtful and effective fundraising project for your pet rescue organization, commemorative brick pavers are an excellent way to raise money while commemorating your community’s beloved pets.

Building Community With a Pet Rescue Fundraiser

Engraved bricks can be used as a walkway for your animal shelter, an elegant wall in a garden or a dedicated tribute in a park.  If your rescue organization does not have a dedicated building or property, partnering with a local dog park is a wonderful way to secure outdoor space for your brick paving project and market your event to the local dog-loving community.

Commemorative Brick Pavers for Pet Rescue Fundraisers

A Customized Tribute for Fundraising

Bricks R Us is a brick engraving company that provides customized engraved bricks for fundraising purposes.  For your pet rescue fundraiser, we can personalize each brick with names, dates or quotes.  With a unique selection of brick styles and the tools to create your customized engraving, we can assist you in making your fundraising project a huge success for your pet rescue organization.

Choose Your Fundraising Goals

Depending on your fundraising goals and project plans, your project using commemorative brick pavers can be a focused event or an ongoing fundraiser that will benefit your pet rescue program for many years.  Your prospective donors may have been waiting for an ongoing opportunity to create a personalized tribute to their beloved pets.  Your fundraising efforts can create a special, thoughtful community gathering place that can grow over time if you wish to offer an extended campaign.

The Fundraising Expertise of Bricks R Us

As a brick engraving company with more than 27 years of experience, Bricks R Us provides fundraising campaign consulting services, marketing, public relations, tracking systems and an online ordering portal.  With our experience and sophisticated tools, your fundraising donors can easily order personalized engraved bricks to commemorate their pets and raise money for your organization at the same time.

What do you think about this idea?  Contact Bricks R Us today for more information about our fundraising services.  We are glad to be of help to you in planning your pet rescue fundraising campaign.

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