How Can Religious institutions benefit from Bricks R Us this Easter/Passover ?

April 12, 2017


Almost every religious organization engages in some kind of fundraising activity that generates income to sustain the organization’s programs and activities.  Some religious organizations establish large and ambitious fundraising projects in order to undertake equally ambitious building, missionary, or charitable projects.  As Easter and Passover approach, Bricks R Us can help highlight your top fundraiser contributors and create a memorable moment for years to come.  Here are our 3 top reasons how your organization can benefit from Bricks R Us in your next Easter event.    

1.We can help engage your fundraising by offering your institution high quality products, and 24 hour customer service support, not only that but you determine the price for which each individually personalized engraved brick, tiles, granite and/or benches that will be sold.  Bricks R Us will provide you with their lowest price guarantee for all of their products.

2.Not only is it an easy fundraiser that can help generate funds for needed projects, fundraising with Bricks R Us makes an ideal choice for a new building expansion, patio, walkway, garden, or           memorial wall.  They can use donations to assist with covering expenses, assist with rent, expansion, upkeep, mission trips and other activities.

3.Selling bricks is perfect for both Donors and Customers wherein the Donor gets to donate to a charity they care about and at the same time receiving a lasting memorial brick or tile that will be on there forever.



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