Fundraisers For Animal Shelters: How Can We Help?

June 12, 2015

Most local animal agencies are non-profit entities and the majority of them do not receive funding from state or county funds.  These agencies provide basic needs for homeless animals or when a pet owner can no longer provide care for their pet.  Fundraisers for animal shelters are important; donations received can be used for a variety of things such as shelter, food and medical care.

Here at Bricks R Us we understand and we want to help.  Many local agencies rely on fundraisers throughout the year for support.  If you’re thinking about fundraisers for animal shelters, a Bricks R Us fundraiser can help.  A brick fundraiser can also give donors a way to show their support for the shelter with a customized engraved brick showcasing their support.

Animal Shelter Types

Private and Independent Shelters

Private and Independent shelters are usually non-profit and rely on fundraising efforts and public donations.  Their donations help with staffing needs, facility costs, food and any medical attention needed.  These shelters also rely on volunteers to help supplement their staffing needs in order to care for the animals until they can be placed in a good home.

Fundraisers For Animal Shelters: How Can We Help?

Municipal and Taxpayer-Funded Shelters

Municipal and taxpayer-funded shelters are run by local government agencies and are supported by taxpayer funds.  Staffing is also supported by local county and state funds.  Services provided are basics like food, water, housing and any medical services needed.

SPCA’s and Humane Society

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Humane Society or a pet rescue are agencies that care deeply about the humane treatment of animals.  They will support an animal’s well-being and welfare.  They will also provide for their basic needs such as food, shelter and any medical needs they may have.  Since these agencies are focused on the animal’s well-being they have policies in place to determine the timeframe of when an animal can be adopted.

Since there are a variety of different types of shelters for animals, it’s best if you speak with the local shelter near you.  This will give you a better idea of their policies and practices.  You can get to know the staff, their needs for volunteers and their fundraising needs.  Regardless of the organization you choose to support, the dogs and cats will be wagging their tails with happiness.

If you work or volunteer for an animal shelter, we would love to help you fundraise for your organization.   We offer great customer service to help you get started, high quality products, and the tools to assist you in having a successful campaign.

Bricks R Us can help you every step of the way. Contact us today!

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